Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Launch of the Ass or not.

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  Larry, Silas and Petey are from the Town of Millwood and they are the self-designated village idiots.  You may know some of that type.

  Recently they got confused by the word "astronaut", thinking instead that it was "ass or not".  Deciding to have one of them be an ass or not was by drawing straws.  Petey drew the best picture of straw so he was declared the winner.

  All they needed to decide now was how to launch Petey.  They thought of swinging on a rope for the barn loft, but finally figured out he would drop not launch.

  A chance walk by the Wentworth's house led them to the girls trampoline;  the perfect launch vehicle.  Petey would jump higher and higher and the other two would poke him with a stick, and the launch was unsuccessful.


  Some of you know I make up stories while I'm driving, this is one result.  I hope I don't get hit by another car and launched.


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