Sunday, August 17, 2014

100 years and going strong Steamer Katahdin

A recent cruise - click to enlarge
Photo: Brian Swartz Bangor Daily News
  The Steamer Katahdin celebrates 100 years in service this summer.  She has carried people, mail, lumber and other goods to all sorts of places on Moosehead Lake in Maine.  Other steamers were there as well in days past by "Kate" remains in service; mostly for tours.
  There were steamers on some other Maine lakes too, most often to tow rafts of logs for processing each one towing thousands of logs at one time.  Those steamers were scrapped and at least one was just taken out a sunk - on purpose.  It's great to have one left to celebrate the history.
  Read more:  you'll also find more photos, and a link to her own home page.
Cruising with Mt. Kineo in the background - click to enlarge
Photo: Linda Coan O'Kresik Bangor Daily News

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