Sunday, August 24, 2014

A new National Park for Chicago?

  If I asked how many have heard of a Pullman railcar, I think most of you could give an answer.  The famous cars built by the Pullman Company, in the then, suburb of Chicago named Pullman were used from the end of the Civil War until the near end of passenger railroads.
  The Secretary of Interior is thinking of asking the President to make the Pullman neighborhood a National Park to preserve the place made famous by a railcar.
  George M. Pullman built a factory, a neighborhood with housing, church, schools and the factory; all in one place.  The buildings are beautiful (to me) and worth preserving.  Take a look.
The housing - click to enlarge
Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast, AP
The factory
Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast  AP
The Hotel Florence
Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast  AP
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