Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's all in the timing.

This is for Wilbur
  You've probably read about people who have great timing.  They're able to complete some difficult thing or another, or tell a good joke.  I should have listened more closely or watched the thing a little better.  I could use good timing today.
  Peggy has an early appointment at 8, Linda needs to be at an appointment at 10 and me at 10:45.  The timing has to do with driving 15 miles sometime in between the first and second of those.  The reason is that Peggy wouldn't have eaten.
  I'm packing a breakfast for Peggy so I can leave her at the doctors and drive home to pick up Linda and drop her off at one place and go retrieve Peggy.  The rest is just like clockwork.  And people worry that retired people don't have enough to do.

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