Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial....

The footbridge to the island, nice walk
..District of Columbia, a memorial the man would like,
it's just the sort of place that would give his life a spike,
animals are here, nature abounds,
he would come and visit, to listen to the sounds.

It's proper and respecting, maybe a little too unknown,
but that may be a good thing, some deer are still not grown;
you may be able to see them, in the early morning light,
but please don't go and shoot them, especially at night!
The deer making their rounds-click
The fountain
A close up of the statue
Hollie would approve used with a President

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  1. no comments until me right now....?? Hmmm well im gonna go visit the island tomorrow! I will enjoy the day! Hope to learn a few things!