Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tillamook Burn

Some of the remains in 1941  www.wikipedia.org
 August 13, 1933:  Loggers accidentally spark a wildfire that burned until September when rains put out the fire, or most of it.  344,000 acres has burned in the Oregon Coastal Range near the City of Tillamook, Oregon.  I have written about the City and area before without knowledge of the fire.
 Fires started again during the next dry season, and some say it was 1951 before every hot spot was extinguished, others disagree.
Ash that fell from the fire was experienced by ships 500 miles out a sea.  The damage caused an amount of timber which was valued at 442 million dollars - 1933 dollars!  This occurred during The Great Depression and caused not only the money value but the jobs it would have created.  The land eventually was foreclosed and owned by the state, it was re-forested in 1948 and in turn The Tillamook State Forest was created.  Lets take a look at what the area looks like now.
A road through the State Forest   www.wikipedia.org
Tillamook Bay, the forest grows right down to the shore in places.  www.wikipedia.org - click

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