Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a waste......

  ......of a human brain!  I have worked for over two days, changed more files, file types and done some other tricks too.  There is no way I am able to keep putting photos on this blog; in other words - I'm done trying to do it.
  I will attempt to keep the blog going with "just words", put pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'll have to use a lot of words, or write a whole bunch.
  This whole thing started when new updates were downloaded by Microsoft.  I have "automatic updates".  It may have been some new security feature that was downloaded.  It may be something completely different, but I strongly suspect that's the source.  We now also have to log on, each use, to email, to do this blog, for Facebook and a couple of other things - stuff we used to have that 'remembed' us.  The Photos also were locked "not to be shared" at the same time.
  I'm pretty sure that's the cause.  I'm pretty sure I can't find a work-around either.  I have a bit of experience with some things, programming isn't one of them.  I have changes the Photos to Public, signed up for Google+ (just in case it would help){Blogger is a Google product}, changed the pictures I wanted to used from .jpeg to .gif to see it they would load that way and other things that I've already forgotten.  I give up.  You'll have to just read from now on I guess.  I will continue to appreciate your input and ideas.  Help!

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