Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here's something......

...I haven't mentioned in a couple of days:  go to and look for the "bar" near the top, you'll see things like; breast cancer, autism, veterans, animals and things like that.  Click on each category and then click on the big button and make a donation - - - FREE.  How easy is that?
  I cannot believe that the Red Sox won a game.  They played against the team with the best AL record, Yankees, and won!  Hard to imagine especially since Jon Lester was pitching.
  I am going to try walking today, I have a sore left knee and left hip, I also have shingles in the left leg, or on the left leg.  It was kind of hard sleeping with the "sunburn" sensation last night.  Yes!  I realize it's still night, I got up at 1:20AM, not too unusual for me.
  Finally got around to tracing a new project yesterday.  Too bad, or too good, for you because it won't be shared.  The whole picture/photo thing you know.  Grumble!!
  And now I'm really outraged!  I can't use any of the photos in "My pictures" in my own Webshots screensaver.  I'm ticked for sure, it's a good thing I agreed not to have adult content or I'd let loose.

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