Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flying light weight.

The Gossamer Condor now in the Smithsonian. - click to enlarge
  On August 23, 1977 the Kremer Prize was captured by the flight of the Gossamer Condor.  The first, successful, human powered flight.  Piloted by Bryan Allen, the craft by Dr. Paul MacCready flew a figure eight around markers one and a half miles apart at ten feet off the ground.  The 50,000 Pound (British) was claimed.  It was the conclusion to many efforts.
  Two years later improvements made it possible to fly across the English Channel to win another Kremer Prize.
  The 30 foot long craft has a wingspan of 96 feet.  Made of aluminum spars covered with a light weight plastic material, with a crew of one.  A flying bicycle might be an apt description.  It's quite a rig, we up here in Maine would say.
In flight. - click to enlarge

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