Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time to take a ride

President Theodore Roosevelt in his ride.
  On this date, August 22, 1902 Theodore Roosevelt became the first sitting United States President to ride in an automobile.
  The auto a Columbia Electric Victoria Phaeton was the chosen vehicle.  He was visiting Hartford, Connecticut and the auto was made in the same city.
  Interesting that the President is standing in the back seat.  Based on horse drawn wagons the driver sat in the rear, while to riders took the front seat; there were two windshields.
  The Secret Service bought two cars in 1907 to ferry the President, and in 1909 Taft rode in a Pierce Arrow to and from his Inaugural Ball.
  So go fire up the automobile in your driveway and take a ride today!
Riding up front.  The Policemen were riding electric bicycles. -click to enlarge

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