Friday, August 24, 2012

A good idea or what?

This one is legit. - expand
  I was thinking; maybe we could open an old barn for a wedding business.  Since couples, when they get married, work together to make things a go like a pair of oxen, we could call it "The Yokes on You".
  It would start with the ring from our Roundup Ring Shop.  There would be a Flower Stall (is stall a good name in a wedding place?), a Clothes Rack and last but not least The Hitching Post.
  Of course as a full service place the wedding supper and reception would be at The Feeding Trough.  Rooms for the Bride and Groom would be available too in the Honeymoon Loft.  There would be a second floor deck, out back, with two matching bathtubs facing west.
  What do you think?
All ready for our guest.

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