Saturday, August 25, 2012

Treasures kept. Forever?

Black squares are the original parks.  Click to enlarge, easier to read.
  August 25, 1916, 96 years ago today, Congress did something right.  History right there.  They created the National Park Service and established to first nine parks.
  The National Park Service now has oversight of 397 units 58 of which are designated National Parks.  Run on a budget of about 3 trillion dollars with about 19,000 employees it's one of the best deals us taxpayers get for our money.  Even if we never visit any of the parks, or other monuments or place of historic interest, at least we preserve important landmarks and sights that otherwise we have been broken apart and developed.
  The scenic wonders preserved as parks are so numerous I had a difficult choice to choose even one of my favorites scenes.  My choice was Lamar Valley reflections, from Yellowstone NP.
  Go visit your parks, they belong to all of us.
Reflections, Lamar Valley, Yellowstone NP - you must click!

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