Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just a girl from Maine

Margaret Chase Smith
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  She was born and grew up in Skowhegan, Maine, was an excellent student and a hard worker.  After high school graduation she taught at a one room school for a brief time.  Several unsatisfying jobs led to one she really liked as a reporter for the Independent Reporter, a local paper owned by Clyde Smith, her future husband.
  She was appointed to the U S House of Representatives in June 1940 after her husband, Clyde, died of a heart attack.  She served in the House until 1949.  On September 18, 1949 she became the very first woman elected to serve in the U S Senate.  She served in the Senate until January of 1973.
  In 1964 she announced as a candidate for President, she said "I have no illusions, and little money, but I'm staying til the finish, when people tell you you can't do something, you have to try".
  She became the first woman in US History to be nominated to run for President, Mr. Goldwater eventually got the nod.
  She may be most famous for her  Declaration of Conscience speech that brought the work of Senator Joseph McCarthy and his infamous hunt for communists.  It was her speech that caused others to join her in that effort.
Margaret Chase Smith home and Library in Skowhegan, Maine. - click to enlarge
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A Campaign button for Smith
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