Saturday, September 22, 2012

Here we go, again.

Blueberry barren in Washington County, dressed for fall. - click
  I know it's in the air, because the air is cooler.  I am now wearing my fleece jacket to walk in the morning more days than not.  The leaves are turning, it's really noticeable.  I'm watching closely for moving deer while I drive - the chase is on, or deer romance.
  Major League Baseball teams have played over 150 games now, there are only a few left before the playoffs and finally the World Series.  No, the Red Sox will be on golf courses some where off the field.
The old cemetery in Carmel, Maine. - click to enlarge
Photo by Linda Grant
  I have used a couple of these photos before, they're good ones and I like 'em so you may even see them again.  But, Wait!, It's about a year in between showing them so how many will notice?
On the Bog Road, Hermon, Maine - click
Photo by Linda Grant

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  1. Hell, I can't remember what I did yesterday, how
    am I going to remember those pictures a year
    from now??? Wilbur