Sunday, September 23, 2012


The winter "sidewalk" to Spring Point Ledge Light
  Early in the morning, while it's dark, I start to walk.  Parking at the Airport Mall in Bangor I walk on Union Street, a mile and a half down and a mile and a half back; 3 miles, good stuff.  It's the sidewalks that drive me nuts, or nuttier than I already am.
  In Maine or other states with lots of lakes there are "chains of lakes" like the links on a chain.  Part of that sidewalk, after it rains, are the longest "chain of lakes" in Maine.  I described that section to a health care provider as "more puddles than a children's book about baby ducks".
  In from on one business, Nickys cruisin' diner, if I laid on the ground with a wide angle camera and took an ultra low snapshot it would look like the Maine section of the Appalachian Trail in miniature.
The are many places where the sidewalks have been opened (dug up) and repaved, the new and old don't meet even half way.  Those sidewalks have been opened more than a hypochondriac with seven willing surgeons, is what I say.
  But I know that sidewalk pretty well and dodge the bad spots pretty well...until the gas company open a foot wide section and didn't mark it.  It was a stumble, not a fall, but I gave them a lecture in my head.
  Well, off and walking.

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