Thursday, September 27, 2012

Up to Rangeley, on a rainy day

Rangeley Lake State Park in the rain and fog, bummer
  Well, the forecast on TV and in the paper said "showers in the afternoon".  I'll tell them right now that 7AM is NOT in the afternoon.  It showered and rain and was foggy in the distance the entire day.  It started to rain/shower (let's call it rain) when we arrived at the huge greenhouses in Madison.
More on those greenhouses another day.
  On the way from Madison to Rangeley we did see two moose, on laying down and one walking away for us, lots and lots of turkeys and one grouse - all in the rain.
  We arrived at Rangeley and went to the Town Park, which has been cleaned of all the doggie droppings that used to seem to thrive there, so it was nice.  We went to Rangeley Lake State Park, and that's 7 miles of the road (Maine 17) and the bathrooms are now absent, but the woods work wonders on a full bladder :)
  On the way to the Height of Land overlooks I spotted an unusual "field of stones", ranging in size from half a VW Beetle to about bushel and peck size.  The stones are interspersed with some grown trees and there is a lot of moss (some brittle white), so water doesn't run through.  I thinks it just leftovers from when the glaciers went through eons ago.  Here's a peek:
Field of Stones - click to enlarge
The geezer hisself at the Rangeley Lake part of Height of Land
Continued tomorrow

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  1. It looks like you have a pretty good road trip,
    checked my map and it looks like you guys put on
    a few miles. Wilbut