Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Waste and want not

  Yes, it's usually waste not, want not; but, this is about waste and total disregard for peoples (tax payers) money.  Well, at least the tax payers of Ohio.
  E. Gordon Gee is the President of The Ohio State University and he likes to wear bow ties.  Further the State of Ohio likes him to wear bow ties, in fact they make sure he does.  Wait!
  Gee lives in a State supplied house, a mansion really.  He throws parties, it's a political thing you know.  He has guests so his home, err mansion has a $532 shower curtain, that's part of the $7.7 million spent by E. Gordon Gee.
  Let's get to the bow ties.  How about $64,000.00 for bow ties, for bow tie cookies, pins and whatever else.  Now let's guess that Gee works 5 day weeks, okay.  52 weeks in each of the 5 years it took to spend the $64,000.00 and you arrive at roughly $250.00 a week for bow ties!  Fifty bucks every work day for five years on freakin' bow ties!
  And I'm told educated people aren't stupid.  Prove it!

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