Friday, September 28, 2012

The Rangeley area

Rangeley Lake from the Rangeley Town Park - click to enlarge
  It was a great trip even with the rain a patchy fog.  The photo above was taken from a pier in the Town Park and the color still shows pretty good given the conditions.
  We spent a few minutes looking around the shopping area - because we couldn't remember the name of the ski area - and then headed over to Oquossoc where Route 16 meets Route 17 (both Maine roads).  Route 17 between Oquossoc and Mexico (Maine) is signified to be a scenic route, and it is.
We looked over the "Rangeley Lake Height of Land" (see yesterdays post) and the "Mooselookmeguntic Lake Height of Land" overlook.  We continued down Route 17 until reaching Byron to visit Coos Canyon (tomorrow).
  What a great trip; and thanks to my friend Harry for putting up with me.
Lake Mooselookmeguntic seen from the Height of Land.
There are 3 large lakes in the area, and some little ones too.
Please click on the photo to enlarge.

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