Saturday, September 29, 2012

Glass houses

Backyard Farms is building on - click to enlarge
  Our first stop on the trip was in Madison to view the greenhouses at Backyard Farms.  Huge is the word that best fits.
  Carefully grown tomato's for New England and more of the northeast, carefully tended in controlled conditions and picked ripe. Year round; in Maine?
  42 acres of glass buildings and building on, the three-story buildings had the "shades" down when we saw them, but it was still kind of dark.  Temperatures are kept at 75 degrees, water trickles and the "in house" bees keep busy (there are bee hives inside and in several areas).
  It was kind of a gloomy day outside, as you can see, but inside the "sun" was out.
This is supposed to be a different view, not so sure

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