Sunday, September 30, 2012

Coos Canyon in Byron Maine

Without much water it's hard to see the wonder of the place - click to enlarge
  Our last stop to see places was in Byron Maine, on route 17.  Coming from the north it's near the southern end of Byron, but it's hard to miss.  Watch for an old one room school made into a Town Office and a building on the other side of the road.  An intersection with the (I believe) Weld Road and a bridge.  There is parking on either side of the road and you can walk to see the view.
  On our day here the water was low and that made it easy for us to see how smooth the rock is from all of the years of water rushing by. In the top photo look to the lower left and on the right near the bottom there is a "dent" in the rock that's smooth.  It's easier to see smooth rock on the south side of the bridge if the water is low.
  People come here on the Swift River to pan for gold in the area of Coos Canyon too.  It's worth a visit especially if the water is high in the spring after the thaw.  If you Google it you will see photos people have taken in the winter too.
Smooth rock on the south side of the bridge. - click to enlarge

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