Friday, October 5, 2012

1224 sometimes feels like a lot

Dexter, Maine   Bangor Daily News photo
  1224 really can seem big, that's how many time I've sat here writing this blog.  But enough about that, it's playoff time for Major League Baseball.
  First, other baseball news (or old by now):  The Boston Red Sox fired manager Bobby Valentine yesterday, just a little too late but at lease he is gone.  None of the players wanted to play for him, I don't know why.  The large money on the payroll is gone; Beckett, Gonzales et al are Red Sox history.  Rebuilding will be a puzzle but recently hired Assistant to the GM Jason Veritek will be helpful in that process.
  Now the playoffs; tonight there will be the "Wildcard Games".  This year each league has two wildcards instead of the usual one.  Those two teams have a one game playoff, the winner continues as usual the loser plays golf at home.
  Tonight we have the Baltimore Orioles playing the Texas versus the Rangers.  A difficult game to pick, I'll take the O's.
  Also the St. Louis Cardinals meet the Braves in Atlanta, another hard to call game, I'll stick with the Cards on this one.
  Now, we just sit back and watch, first game on MLB Network at 5:00PM tonight!

I didn't even mention politics.

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  1. Maybe I should watch baseball instead of FOX
    News (CNN and MSNBC are to bias for me) but
    anyway if I watched baseball I could keep my
    blood pressure at a normal level.