Saturday, October 6, 2012

Well. it's a new day

South Road, Dixmont Maine 2011 - click to enlarge
Photo by Linda Grant on our way to the orchard last year
  Well, well...looks like I picked the winners of both games, but.  There's a lot of controversy over a call in the Atlanta v St. Louis game.  An apparent bad call by an umpire may have resulted in a different winner.

  I did my walking yesterday just as illustrated a day or two ago (who keeps track?) on Union Street, and Stillwater Avenue in Bangor.  Today, who knows, I'll walk but probably in Brewer - but, don't count on that either; it may be raining by then.

  Another rainy day?  That's what's in the forecast.  I am not a happy camper with that one, but we take what we get.  Kind of like eating at the mess hall, right Wilbur?  You take what they got.

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