Monday, October 1, 2012

Wrap up

Rangeley Lake - click to enlarge
You have seen this one before I cropped it
  Harry and I really enjoyed the trip and I got to see some things that had gone un-noticed before.  The large greenhouses of Backyard Farms and the Field of Rocks.
  Checking the satellite imagery on Google Maps I can even spot that Field of Rocks from space!  I'm thinking maybe a lake bed before the glaciers went through, or just trailings from those glaciers.  Anybody got a geologist?
  New topic:  The Boston Red Sox have finally settled in last place - where, in my mind, they wanted to be.  The players don't like the manager so....the way to rid themselves of him was to totally embarrass themselves.
  New topic:  Rain.  I don't care much for the stuff, but I do realize the importance of it.  'Nuff said.
A closer view of the Field of Rocks - click to enlarge

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