Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We needed some apples

The Stand at Mainely Apples - click to enlarge
  We needed some apples, good ones, and a check at www.mainelyapples.com, the web site for out favorite orchard revealed that Spencer's were ready for sale.  Quick! Get in the car!
  We drove over the "regular way", you know...the Wing Road, Annis Road, Klatt Road, Newburgh Road, North County Road, Kennebec Road, Hog Hill Road, Garland Road, Western Avenue and finally Maine route 7.  By then we were all tired out.  It takes about 20 minutes.
  Indeed the Spencer's were in, we got a peck and a half-peck and a half-peck of Fuji's too.  Ummmm.
That orchard is owned and operated by the Olsen family, wonderful people who work hard all year long so we can have the best apples available anywhere.  They continually grow different varieties I think the Fuji and Cox Orange Pippen are new this year.  The orchard is large, by Maine standards, and includes the store, a cider mill (300 gallons last weekend), and a pick your own section.  There is also a one-mile walk through the woods and fields that surround the orchard.  A fun day for families with children (like me).
Continued tomorrow:
The geezer hisself is acting strange! Yessuh! - click
I named this "Linda is on the right". - Click to enlarge


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