Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's not always the same

Liberty, Maine  2011
Photo by Linda Grant
  Yesterday was okay when I went out the door, but after coffee it was raining, raining, and more raining.  We have had a number of rainy days, good, there's water in the well before the ground freezes.  But, no walking.
  This morning it's about 10-15 degrees cooler and clearish.  It'll be good walking, hopefully.  On the baseball front Oakland and San Francisco both lost, that means Detroit and Cincinnati both won.  Let's see I lived in Oakland a couple of years, and Cincinnati too - even three years of high school in that area - but we moved back to Maine. Hmmm, hard to pick a favorite here isn't it? 
  Now that the weather has cleared, for however briefly, and if there are leaves left on the trees, maybe we'll get out for some fresh photos to share too.
  Have a great day!  Baseball is on a noon on MLB-TV, maybe I'll see some, maybe not.
Gone walkin'
Dixmont, Maine 2011
Photo by Linda Grant

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