Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Questions, questions

The World at berth in Australia in 2006 - click to enlarge photo
  The "Worlds largest yacht" The World arrived in Eastport, Maine yesterday, she is scheduled to visit Bar Harbor today, then Rockland and Portland.
  Not a cruise ship the co-operatively owned vessel is home to 130 families and their guests.  The families own condominiums ranging from Efficiency units ($750,000) to six bedroom, 3 story condos that sell for $10,000,000) plus maintenance fees of over a quarter million dollars per year.  The ship named "The World" travels in a continuous loop around the globe.  This is all well and good, but I have questions.
  The families hail from 16 different countries, do they owe any taxes anywhere?  Is this really just a way to avoid taxes?  How much do they donate to charity, if at all?  How do they get their mail? or, are they so much not like the rest of us that none of this matters?
  Just a thought.
A stern look. - click to enlarge photo
More information is available from, or your local library.  Ask a Librarian

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  1. I'll bet they have better living quarters than
    USS Enterprise, Tico, or the USCG Cutter Glacier. Wilbur