Thursday, October 11, 2012

The angry mattress pad

  Tuesday my wife and I decided that maybe I'd use the heated mattress pad I have instead of blankets.  Good idea!  I have had a heated pad for a number of years, and used it with good results.
  Tuesday night I went to bed, it was warm enough not to need anything but the sheet and spread.  Later on in the night it cooled down quite a bit and I turned the mattress pad on.  I used the very lowest selection there is for heat; barely warm.
  I have been having joint pain for quite a while, in fact when I went to bed my left hip and right knee were in tender condition.
  The pad warmed up a bit and I went to sleep.  Soon every pain I had was worse, maybe five times worse; I turned to heat off.  Going back to sleep I dreamed that the "brand" of pad I had was Manservant.  Like in the Ten Commandments, manservant, do not 'want your neighbors wife, nor.......manservant'.  See what I mean?
  Earlier in the day I had listened to a discussion on the radio of the new book "Slavery, a Blessing in Disguise" written by a State Legislator in Arkansas.  Slavery was never a blessing in my book, it was de-humanizing for all involved.  This country fought a war based, in part, on slavery or slave ownership.
  In my dream I went to Congress, the Maine Legislature and anyone else who might hear my message of how horrible slavery was; and all the while the pain from the "angry mattress pad" grew worse.
  I said the heck with it and got up!  What else would I do?  Later, during the day on Wednesday, while taking my pills at 2:00PM, guess what I discovered?  Yes, it was the pills I should have taken a bed time the night before, some of which help me sleep!
  Maybe there's a lesson there.

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