Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's cold in Ohio

January 21, 1977 people walk from Kentucky to Cincinnati on the
frozen Ohio River, a dangerous thing to do. - click to enlarge The Cincinnati Enquirer
  I mentioned yesterday that my family lived in Ohio for a few years, the last three years of my high school life.  I entered the 10th grade at Woodward High in Cincinnati; there were more students in that school than in the whole town we moved from.  I remember being sent to a speech therapist because I talked funny.  She had me read two paragraphs and said "there's nothing wrong with your speech, you're from Maine!".  Embarrassed me though.
  We lived in Swifton Village a housing complex.  Turns out it was the first property Donald Trump received from his father.
  We moved to Milford, Ohio for the next two years, a small town (then) it was much better.  I got a job through the school at Bob Williams Oldsmobile-Chevrolet dealership.  I worked with the service manager a couple of days, the parts department a couple of days and one day (Wednesday) with the accountant doing payroll.  That job had prepared me for all of the jobs I've had since.
January 2009, cold again as fog comes off the warmer water at
the "Town Landing".  The Majestic Show Boat is seen. The Cincinnati Enquirer
Geese on Cedar Lake in Warren County Ohio. November 2009. The Cincinnati Enquirer

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  1. Is that why I could never understand you when
    we were stationed in Alameda?? Just kidding.