Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Other things on the water

The Wagner House, one of the houseboats in Seattle,
it's on the National Register of Historic Places. - click to enlarge
Photo: www.wikipedia.org
  When I lived in Seattle I worked at the computer center for Seattle First National Bank.  My workplace was right on Lake Union and I would always look out and see the houseboats.  I always wanted to live on one.  But now there is trouble in Paradise.  The City of Seattle has found that a number of the newer home exceed eighteen feet in height.  That is against the rules.
This is a naughty house - too tall. 
Photo: City of Seattle via www.seattlepi.com
  The newer homes even look out of place to me.  I understand that some folks need more room, but they could always move on land to a regular house I guess.
  Here are a few more views:
Back in the day, all homes were sort of like this.
Photo: www.wikipedia.org
The City of Seattle used this photo to show what
height houseboats should be.
Photo: City of Seattle, via www.seattlepi.com

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