Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On Munjoy Hill, something old and something new

New building on Munjoy Hill? 54 feet tall? - click
drawing by Architype Architects
Portland Press Herald
  Okay, there is a reason I'm writing about this; it's a part of my personal history, at least the location is.  This proposed "music venue", a 54 foot tall, metal sided building would be built on the back lot (Munjoy Street side) of the partially demolished St. Lawrence Congregational Church (photos below).
The residents of this mostly residential area, Munjoy Hill, aren't too keen on this idea.
  When I lived on Munjoy Street about 1980-82 the area was probably lower middle class, working people and a few retired folks to.  Now it's another in-town area that has been 'gentrified' (that means a couple of things have been fixed and the rent tripled).  The middle class, if there is one anymore, has been pushed out to other areas, I guess.
The St. Lawrence Church during demolition of parts of it.
Portland Press Herald Photo
Where the geezer lived on Munjoy Street, 2nd floor left
Google maps
                                    Part of Munjoy Hill, enlarge this photo, Munjoy St. is
                                    about in the middle, I caught the bus across from Ft. Allen
                                    Park, used to see the sunrise.

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