Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Up in the trees in Singapore

The Tree Top Walk in the Singapore National Park
Photo: www.nparks.gov.sg
There are parks (2) in Singapore that hug the trees, high in the air you can stroll along and see "what it's like up there".  I imagine that in that climate the trees are quite tall so you would really "get high".
You can look in the address under the top photo or go to:
You will find dynamite photos that I can show only a couple of, so take the time and have a look-see.
I also know that most of us will probably never have the opportunity to go there and that makes it even more enticing to take a peek.
Henderson Waves at Telok-blangah Park in Singapore
photo from the treehugger.com link
This is an open/covered treetop walk, a long one too.
A rest area on the Henderson Wave
www.treehugger.org photo
Man! Would I like to see this!

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  1. We made a stop there when I was on the USS
    Ticonderga, went on a tour of the oriental
    gardens and the city and of course an 8
    course meal, anyway what a bueatiful city and
    the cleanest I have ever been in. Wilbur