Thursday, April 18, 2013

100 years and counting

The Mace House/Eastern Maine General Hospital 1894 - click to enlarge
Photo: Eastern Maine Medical Center via
  In 1982 five doctors in Bangor decided the City needed a hospital and turned to setting one up.  The doctors leased the Mace House from the family that built it, later they bought it.  The old building still stands, nearly lost in the newer buildings around it.
  In the very near future EMMC plans to demolish one part of the newer buildings and replace it with a new seven story tower, all for the expense of 250 million dollars.
  In my view the practice of medicine continues to evolve and as it does it needs bigger and better places, equipment, medications and practices.  In my view it all costs a whole bunch of money, made at the expense of those of us who have insurance.
  By the way, that tent on the lawn (left) in the above photo held the beds for male patients because of a shortage of rooms; even historically the need for bigger and better.
Bangor's first ambulance c1900 - click to enlarge
Note a new building already in the works.
Photo: Eastern Maine Medical Center via
This photo shows EMMC maybe ten years ago before Webber West
and parking garages were built, the Mace house is in between
the tallest building and the brick building on the left. - click to enlarge
Photo: Eastern Maine Medical Center via

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