Sunday, April 14, 2013

The dog ate my homework!

   That must be true, and I know we don't have a dog.  The fact that the homework's not done and the fact that we have cable is enough to anger me to a slight degree.  Well, slight if I work at it.
  This past Thursday, or 4 days ago, players from two baseball teams got in to a fight.  Jeez what a freaking surprise!  I'll bet that never happened before.  It must not have happened before because it's still being broadcast as news!
  Now this.  On Friday Tiger Woods got penalized by the PGA for placing his ball in the wrong place!  I have reached my wits end!  Tiger must be the only player ever to receive a penalty!  I have witnessed that play five times in one-half hour segment of ESPN Sports Center --- FIVE FREAKING TIMES!  ....and they could have shown real sports news and scores (which is what I wanted to see).
  Now this.  My elbow has not improved, and you already know that I'm not wearing my support elastic sleeve.  I will contact my provider this week.
  And finally...probably, this.  If you wear suspenders you must remember this.  If you sit on a toilet in a room with tile floors, and the suspenders get under your feet, it's slippery as the dickens!  I have proof!
  Okay, I'll try to do some homework!

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