Saturday, April 13, 2013

Looking out for Maine

Maine Forest Service Watchmen, Cooper, Maine 1919 - click to enlarge
Photo: Maine Forest Service via
  Because Maine is about 95% forest; fire is a dangerous thing, as was experienced by the 1947 fires on Mount Desert Island and York County.
  The Maine Forest Service has a long history and though they now use aircraft to watch for fires but the planes replaced the towers.  At one time there were 171 towers actively used for fire protection, including one in my old home of Medford (which is still standing).
  There are some personal notes at the end of this post.
A Forest Service Watch Woman at Number Nine Mountain, Aroostook County c1920 - click to enlarge
Photo: Maine Forest Service via

The tower at Number Nine Mountain in 1920 - click to enlarge
This is the type in Medford
Photo: Maine Forest Service via

Remember that "elastic sleeve" I told you about?  Here's the rest of the story:
  I noticed that after about a half day my hand appeared red and shiny (just the last two days).
  apparently the thing was a bit too tight.  Here's the scene:
   The damned thing grub hold of my arm and squooze, I didn't ever think that blasted thing
   would turn on me like that.  My wife said I'd get flea bites, but I notice that when I asked
   her to bring my bottle of water from the kitchen she didn't say "fetch!"

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