Tuesday, April 23, 2013

....and there was music

Chandlers Band, Portland Maine 1898
Photo: Maine Historical Society via www.mainememory.net
  A long time ago, before even Wilbur or I were born, there was no radio.  People still liked to listen to music.  As a result most towns of any size had a band.  The band in the top photo might have been the best dressed and have "professional" musicians, but other bands throughout Maine went over just as well.
  I wonder why they just didn't embed a small chip in the newspaper.  (that's a joke)
So we'll take a look at some other bands that were popular:
The Union Brass Band, Ferry Village Cape Elizabeth 1873
Photo: Maine Historical Society via www.mainememory.net
  Note the year on this photo.  Yes, Ferry Village is in South Portland, now, but South Portland didn't split from Cape Elizabeth until 1875.
  Anyway this was a very popular band in that part of the town, I even used to live in Ferry Village but not when the band was playing.
Gem Theater Orchestra, Peaks Island, 1910
Photo: Maine Historical Society via www.mainememory.net
  The old Gem Theater was a going concern on Peaks Island until about 1915 when things changed for one reason or another.  After 1915 there was no orchestra and the building became a roller skating rink.
Fifth Infantry Band, Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth c1923
Photo: Maine Historical Society via www.mainememory.net
  I am not sure this photo was taken on Fort Williams, but I don't think it was, even the parade grounds weren't that large, this may have been a part of a larger parade in Portland or some other town.
  I took my first enlistment oath at Fort Williams about 55 years ago, by then it was just a processing station.  In the present time it's home to some organizational offices and a day care.  Fort Williams Park is also the home of Portland Head Light.

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