Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summer Camp

  I went to camp one summer for a week, maybe more than once.  Camp was supposed to make the "rustic life" fun so you could appreciate "more luxurious life".
  Well since we lived in an old farmhouse without running water or inside "facilities", what rustic life was I supposed to have fun in, hell I was having fun already.  No, camp for me was, in reality, a vacation for my mother - she needed one.
The truck for Camp Winnebago in Fayette, Maine in 1940.
Photo: Camp Winnebago via
  The truck/bus was used to pick the boys up and return them to the train station.  It was also used for day trips to the ocean or other locations.  The truck was retired in the 1960's.
Camp Technology for MIT students.
Photo: Maine Historical Society via
  This camp run by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was to expose students to subjects other than math and science.  I imagine it was a memorable break and it was "rustic".
Girls play basketball in Naples c1930
Photo: Maine Historical Society via
I can not imagine how much fun camping must have been for girls.  All those activities in a skirt or dress.  No wonder most camps were single sex things.

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