Thursday, December 26, 2013

Etching, shipping and the post-holiday ice

Etching the hood of a Honda
Photo: Shawn Lisjack
  Shawn Lisjack has a small Dremel rotary tool, and he's a bit of an artist.  HE applied a special paint to his Honda sedan and the rest is history.
  Read about it:

  I have been reading and seeing news about UPS and FEDEX not getting packages to consumers in time for Christmas.  All of this time I have been wondering about one other thing.  Did the people waiting for these items order them in time?  Or, did they wait until the last possible minute and hope for the best?  Maybe it was easier to complain about a transportation company than admit you waiting too long to order something.  Just maybe, at least that's my take.

  Here's a nice parody of Walking in a winter wonderland.  It's called Walking around in women's underwear. Listen:  

  And here's what it looked like here in Levant, Maine yesterday, it still looks the same today!
Photo: Linda Grant

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