Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm surprised

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I'm surprised, I fully expected to wake up in the dark.  There is still freezing rain, the temp is 23 degrees.  The tree trimmers must have done their job well this past summer and fall, they did trim a lot in this area.
We had some ice overnight last night but I was able to scrape it and the roads were passable, today not so much.  I think I will be staying home today, no coffee (well, I have some here - in the thermos).
Because I'm surprised I don't really have a topic, guess I could rant about Congress but you've heard all of that before.  I could write about the Celtics win, but they didn't, almost doesn't count.  I could promise the Patriots will win, but they're iffy too.
Let's just wait and see how tomorrow morning is.
Seasonal Photo:
Casco Bay Ferries vessel Acocisco in the Parade of Light
Photo: Gordon Ghibroski at Portland Press Herald

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