Sunday, March 9, 2014

Taking care of critters

  On all of the news shows this week, and on the internet we were advised to turn our clocks ahead one hour last night.  I did that, and when I woke up it was March 9th!  I wonder how they do that?

A "patient" stops to eat.
Photo: Sandra Stone via Bangor Daily News
  It all started a long time ago when one woman had a son who brought home an injured bird, she applied to the State of Maine for a license to rehabilitate wild animals.  Now there is a least one rehabilitator in each county, and some places that are large and handle many birds or animals at one time.  Others do things at home, Sandra Stone is one of them.  Sandra lives in Frankfort, a small Waldo County town, and she treats each orphaned or injured animal with love, food, and more love.  The critters are released back in to the wild when ready, they aren't pets, but they do mingle.
Orphan Raccoons explore
Photo: Sandra Stone via Bangor Daily News.
A girl hold an orphaned Opossum
in southern Maine, Cumberland County
Photo: Adam Farrington via Bangor Daily News

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