Thursday, March 13, 2014

Taksan Yuki!! Enough already.

Q. What's wrong with this photo?  A. No snow
  We now have enough snow on the ground that will keep me home for the day.  I'll be making some scones with cranberry raisins and orange very soon - a birthday present for my lovely wife, Linda. 
  As Wilbur will remember Taksan Yuki is my version of Japanese for A lot of snow, and this time it's true.  Winter storm Vulcan - how come we got to naming the damned stuff - is here, has been since about noon yesterday and is expected to stay until about 5PM today.  It's not nice.
Needs to be some melting before this happens

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  1. Hi Geezer, I recon today is your birthday, any it sounds like that way. HAPPY
    BIRTHDAY> we have been having nice weather and the snow is slowly disappearing/
    Take care, Wilbur