Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Good morning! Coffee?

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  I would imagine that almost every McDonald's in the country has a group of geezers waiting for the door to open every morning.  Here where I am that's 5:00AM, and that's me and my coffee-mates in the first panel.
  We each have assignments, Paul orders the coffee, Roger gets the napkins, and I take care of making the payments, or bringing the newspaper.  It's all pretty simple, unless of course on of the following happens.  Steve shows up on his well lit bicycle even when it's 15 degrees and snowing.  Norton shows up, not his real name but he's just a parrot who repeats what someone else says.
  That's what it's like in Bangor, Maine on Union Street each and every morning, weather permitting, where we go for our morning coffee.
  I promise that tomorrow I'll have something more interesting, maybe.

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