Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's April?

click to enlarge, it's a poster!
  It's April, even though it's icy and cold here and in a lot of other places.  It's time for baseball too if the snow is just pushed over a little.  And, it's Autism Awareness Month - and I've even furnished a poster for you.
  My daughter Hollie will be calling soon to remind us, as if we need it, that this is the month.  It's not as important to her as Presidents Day (the biggest holiday of the year), or her birthday.  My birthday was important to her this past year because she got "my present for your birthday"!  Go figure.
  Kids Hollies age (29) used to be diagnosed about 1:10000, but the new number is 1:68! Go figure.  It's really because a lot of people who used to be diagnosed as MR really were autistic, or they were just a little different, and it may be that the spectrum is larger, I can't explain it fully.
  So, Happy April!

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