Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sometimes I can't believe my eyes

Illustration by the geezer hisself
  All along the interstate, here in Maine, you see these signs.  There were always some weigh stations here.  Most products from Maine are heavy lumber, gravel, paper even lobsters are shipped in large tubs (maybe 1000 gal.) filled with cold seawater and live lobsters.  That means weighing is important to hold down damage on already damaged roads.
  Now most rest areas have been closed to save money for more important things like trips to Russia, you know stuff like that so I can't drink coffee while driving.  Those rest areas are now weigh stations too, and busses are checked for illegals as well as weight - the Border Patrol helps with those.
  But the signs say "busses and trucks must stop when flashing".  Now, you and I both know that that means the light on top of the sign right?  Nope, not me I think trucks are flashing.  Look.
Original artwork by the geezer hisself
  See that big rig up on end with that very large raincoat open?  That's what I'm talking about!

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