Friday, April 11, 2014

Trying to do nothing is not working

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  It was going to be a "lazy" day.  No it wasn't.  But I really don't remember doing much except for a one hour meeting.  It was one of "those" days.  I think I stayed reasonably busy doing nothing.  That seems to be, for me, fairly common; run like hell and don't get caught.
  If I really didn't do much how come I think I did?  Answers please.  I do know I made one mistake.
I went to the Post Office to collect mail from our box, there wasn't any.  When I left the PO for the very short ride home I turned right and into the wrong lane of the two lane road.  Why did I do that, no explanation I can think of, maybe I thought I was still in town where there are four lanes of traffic.
Photo by Shelly Brown via Bangor Daily News
  This piebald deer has been spotted two years in a row by Ms. Brown, it's not an albino as some folks think because it still has some color in spots on the front shoulders and on it's tail and rump.  Interesting.

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