Monday, May 19, 2014

Amused? Or not?

An un-amused Queen Elizabeth
  I'm a fan of Queen Elizabeth, well a fan of her voice really.  She would not be amused with me, as I frequently make up little stories, in which she stars, but they may not be favorable.  I have a new one as of Friday I thought I would share it with you.  You have to use your imagination and have some memory of her voice.
Queen:  "Who's there?"
Trevor:  "It's me, your Majesty, Trevor"
Queen:  "Not you Trevor!", "Anyone else"
Queen:  "Who's there?"
Trevor:  "It's me, uh, uh, oh-oh"
Queen:  "Trevor, report to your commander, you are relived" "I am not amused!"

And so it goes, at least in my imagination.  Someone has to amuse me, it might as well be me.

For you viewing, a very short video:
It's an old dog, with a new trick.  You'll love it.

Yes she is!  She loved that video

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