Saturday, June 28, 2014

Convent converted

The Inn at Acadia - click to enlarge
Photo: Julia Bayly Bangor Daily News
  The former Sister of Mary of Mediatrix of the Filles de Sagasse, or Daughters of Wisdom  convent in Madawaska, Maine has been converted to an inn.  The Inn at Acadia is named for the former New France territory which included Quebec, the Canadian Maritimes and Maine down to the Kennebec River (Augusta).
  It's a beautiful place, in the photos, and that part of the country is, in a word, beautiful.  The Saint John Valley of the Maine-Canada Border is some of the prettiest I've seen.  I need to get back up there.
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NOTE:  Boston Red Sox Catcher A J Pierzynski has a way with words; he asked the Umpire for a new ball this way:  "I need a new ball, one you can see!".  He was ejected.  Umpires have a short fuse when it comes to vision jokes.  It was in Cleveland June 4th.

A Suite at the inn
Photo: Julie Bayly Bangor Daily News

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