Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Ridin' around in my automobile"

My lovely wife Linda at a Peony garden click
Photo: the geezer hisself
  Friday we took a ride down to Belfast so my lovely wife could see salt water.  We like to go down and walk on the footbridge that crosses the Passagasawaukeag River at the entrance to the Bay.  We had lunch at a local restaurant that we used to frequent.  The food is no longer as good and the prices have gone quite a ways up.  On the way home we stopped at Bev's Plants, it's on route 141 in Monroe just over the Belfast line.  We bought two foxglove plants for only $3.00 each, it's almost like stealing.
  Yesterday we went on a couple of garden tours sponsored by the Maine Peony Society,  very nice places.  The two we visited are owned and grown by former Navy people who like to garden, a lot.
Lunch was at Jason's Pizza, it's the best in the area for pizza, we didn't have pizza Linda had some spaghetti and I had a ham Italian sandwich - excellent.
The sea-going tractors in Belfast - click
Photo: by the geezer hisself
  I want to do a painting of a tug, or maybe three!  we'll see.

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