Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cooling off war worries in Bangor, 1914

A Float in the Bangor Parade
Photo: Bangor Public Library via Bangor Daily News
  While the Mexican Civil War was raging, and the U S Navy invaded Vera Cruz (over the Tampico affair), people in Bangor were worried.  One sailor had been injured in Tampico, and several civilians worked in the area of Vera Cruz.  A young Army Corporal from Bangor wrote about soldiers being shot by snipers.  The City Council decided to ease the worry for a day and have some fun.
  The parade was short, several floats and motor cars filled with young ladies and women made up the whole thing along with the Bangor Band, it was well attended.  A carnival came to town and the fun continued with a "motorcycle endurance race" from Bangor to Rockland by several Harley Davidsons and on Indian motorcycle.
  A lawn fete was held at Elmbank* as a fundraiser for The Bangor Anti-Tuberculosis Society, that was well attended too.
  As the week wore down news was received that the Archduke Francis and his wife had been murdered in Sera Yavo**.  He was the Heir to the throne of Austria-Hungry.  His murder was the starting point of World War One.
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*More on Elmbank tomorrow
** Sera Yavo was the spelling of Sarajevo as we know it now.

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