Monday, June 9, 2014

Fun with advertising

Illustration: Bausch & Lomb
  Here is lutein in an approved form, but it's expensive.  50 capsules will cost about $17.00 for this product.  30 capsules of lutein, 6mg, at Wal-Mart cost less than $5.00.  So just choose which one you would buy.  The Ocuvite is a good product I've tried it myself, but why spend the extra.

  One of the COPD inhalers (there's a big rush on) shows a woman with an elephant sitting on her.  Admittedly it's a small elephant but never the less.  She walks on the beach with the critter following behind.  Notice that the elephant does not leave any footprints!  Wow, that's one light weight elephant.

  In an ad for Chantix a man works in his garden.  There are leaves we can see of beets and carrots, but he picks eggplant and peppers.  He does pick on beet.  With no dirt on it!  Amazing.

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