Sunday, July 20, 2014

Childhood stories and a TSA note too

Kittens caught in the act
Photo: Library of Congress via
  Here are a couple of more of those "dressed up animals" from my childhood books.  I don't remember the names of most of them.  I do remember "The Cow With The Crumpled Horn" but that has illustrations not photos (found on Ebay for $35.00 - didn't buy).  I really like animals even then.
I think a whole lot of folks remember these little animals dressed up.
This would be a no-no today
Photo: Library of Congress via
And a note:
  A man from Washington, DC was refused entry to a flight in Orlando because his photo ID was a DC drivers license.  The TSA agent told him it had to be "from one of the 50 states".  It was explained to him the DC was the Capitol of the United States!  I am left to wonder if he ever read any of the material from his "bosses" at the Department of Homeland Security which is in..............
Do I really have to fill in the blanks?

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